4 Ways to upgrade the foot of a bed

foot of the bed

What's at the end of your bed? It's not exactly a question you ask yourself often; however, it's amazing how much you can change the look of your bedroom by focusing on this overlooked spot. If you're looking for some fresh apartment decorating tips, try one of these ideas on updating the foot of your bed: Add a bench - Not only can you sit on the … [Read more...]

3 Quick ways to organize cluttered drawers

junk drawer

Drawers can quickly become an issue in your home. They're hidden, which makes it easy to throw things in without any organization. And throughout the week, they're easily forgotten. If all of the drawers in your home have become cluttered, messy areas, try these simple apartment organization tips. Use containers - You can separate items within … [Read more...]

Take a run around Santa Clarita’s Canyon Country Park


Running is a way to get out in nature, relax your mind and get your daily dose of exercise. If you live in Santa Clarita, CA, you know that there's an abundance of parks and trails to utilize. In fact, if you're interested in trail running, it's a workout that adds a new element, and if you're ready to give it a try, here are some things you'll want … [Read more...]

Getting a Start on Spring Cleaning your Townhome

cleaning maid

Everybody talks about spring cleaning, but what exactly does it entail? It usually means going through everything and cleaning every nook and cranny of your space. It's often not a one-day job, but more of a weekend thing. Here are some tips to get you started spring cleaning your townhomes in Santa Clarita CA: Break it down room by room. Instead … [Read more...]

Make plans to attend the Santa Clarita Cowboy Festival


For 22 years, the Cowboy Festival has been one of the most entertaining events in Santa Clarita CA. With five days of activities, it's an incredible celebration of the Western heritage of the area. Here are some things you'll want to know about this dynamic week-long festival in Santa Clarita: The festival takes place from April 15th to April … [Read more...]